Welcome to the Teaching and Curriculum Innovations Center (T-CIC)

We empower and engage the instructional community within the College of Global Futures as a leading innovation center for teaching and learning with a focus on data driven and evidence-based practices which cultivates global and inclusive pedagogies, combined with emerging technologies to drive student-centered learning, and innovative curriculum design.

You can contact the team through:

CGF Teaching Resources

Team Services include:

  • Course Design: Starting to design a course? We’ve got templates, checklists and can help you with the process of developing a student-centered effective course. We recommend starting with a quick meeting with an ID to assess your needs and design a timeline and steps to accomplish your goals.
  • Teaching: New Ideas for Engaging Students? We are all about ideas! We are here to help you rethink what you are doing in the classroom, making it more enjoyable for you, and engaging your students. Adding new technology, or being more inclusive, our brainstorms, implements and assesses.
  • Curriculum: Developing a new program for your school? Navigating this complex and challenging task starts with a quick conversation with our team to make sure that the approval process is smooth and the program is successful, and you make all the required deadlines for students to register and be successful.

Instructional Design Team Members:

Amy Pate

Director of Learning Design and Curriculum
[email protected]

Amy Karelitz

Sr. Instructional Designer
[email protected]

Arina Melkozernova

Instructional Designer
[email protected]

Steven Maierson

Sr. Instructional Designer
[email protected]