CGF instructional design support

Instructional Design Team is within our Teaching Innovations and Curriculum Center. Our design experts can help with:

  • A consultation on organizing and developing your course
  • A consultation on creating and aligning assessments
  • To choose the right instructional technology for your course
  • A customized training workshops (Adobe products, PPTs, Canvas, and any other educational technology)
  • A demo about teaching technology
  • Assistance with creating interactive course projects

Amy Pate
Director of Learning Design and Curriculum
[email protected]

Amy Karelitz
Senior Instructional Designer
[email protected]

Steven Maierson
Senior Instructional Designer
[email protected]

Arina Melkozernova
Instructional Designer
[email protected]

Contact the instructional design team

Contact our team for any requests at [email protected] or use our Slack channel “#cgfid-ask” in the College of Global Futures ( workspace