Emergency contacts and evacuation information

WCPH general assistance and conference room scheduling

Ruth Covington
Located on 5th floor
[email protected]

Jon Lefurgey
Located on WCPH 4th floor
[email protected]

Brandy Rios
Located on WCPH 3rd floor
[email protected]

CGF student services general assistance

Jon Lefurgey
Located on WCPH 4th floor
[email protected]


Emergency 911
ASU Police Department Non-Emergency (Tempe Campus) 480-965-3456
Phoenix Police Department Non-Emergency 602-262-6151

WCPH security


WCPH Evacuation Procedures

WCPH Evacuation Procedures

Business and finance support

Lori Hidinger, Director of Fiscal and Business Operations
[email protected], 480-727-8825

Margie Creedon, Financial Manager
[email protected], 480-727-5971

Dianna Peters, Business Operations Manager
[email protected], 480-965-0555

Event support

Cindy Dick, Events Manager
[email protected], 480-965-8602

Events support page

Facilities support

[email protected]

Facilities support page

Human resources support

Anna Fields, Department HR Manager
[email protected], 480-727-8319

Jill Kolp, Academic HR Director
[email protected], 480-965-4795

Human resources support page

Curriculum, instructional design and learning technology support

Amy Pate, Director of Learning Design
[email protected], 480-965-1033

[email protected]

Instructional design support page

Marketing and communications support

Matt Oxford, Assistant Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
[email protected], 480-727-9901

Marketing support page

Student services support

Lisa Murphy, Senior Director of Academic Services
[email protected], 480-965-7255

Student services support page

Technology support


Technology support page