Student success

The College of Global Futures has dedicated student services staff within the college and schools to help support student success throughout their experience, from the time they learn about our programs up through their engagement as alumni.

Additional information about how you can contact and work with our student services team to support our students is outlined below.

Recruitment and admissions > Advising and enrollment > Student engagement > Experiential education > Career services > Alumni engagement = Student success flow chart

Main contacts

For questions about who to go to for what related to student advising and success with the college, ideas for new initiatives, or concerns, you can contact:

Sharon Hall

Associate Dean for Student Success
[email protected]

Lisa Murphy

Senior Director of Academic Services
[email protected]

Recruitment and admissions


The college has a dedicated undergraduate recruitment team, led by Will Cobb, Associate Director for Student Enrollment Access and Impact.

Recruitment for graduate programs is currently the responsibility of the schools, but the college does support recruitment for all programs..

The Knowledge Enterprise Marketing and Communications Team provides support to our undergraduate recruitment team and the schools for our programs. Our main contact is Matt Oxford, Assistant Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications for the College of Global Futures.


Undergraduate admissions is typically automatic, based on predetermined admission criteria. Some transfer and readmission applications do get manually reviewed if they don’t meet the criteria. If you have questions about undergraduate applications, the best contact is Beth Volker, Director of Undergraduate Academic Services.

Admission to graduate programs is handled by the schools and each of the programs (see contact information below under graduate advising and enrollment).

Undergraduate advising and enrollment

Advising and student services for undergraduate students is centralized, meaning our staff work with students from all of the schools’ academic programs within the college.

Oversight of undergraduate advising and student services is provided by Beth Volker, Director of Undergraduate Academic Services.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Webpage – Where students can go to schedule an appointment and for more information

Graduate advising and enrollment

Advising and student services for graduate students is handled by faculty and staff within each of the schools.

Student engagement

Engaging students outside the classroom contributes to overall student development and allows them to not only build their support network, but to make additional connections with what they’re learning. Kevan Hayden, Assistant Manager for Undergraduate Student Engagement leads student engagement initiatives for our college’s undergraduate programs.

Graduate student engagement is provided by both the college and the schools. This is an area that needs to be further developed, but if you have questions or ideas, you can start with our college leadership and they can connect you appropriately.

Career services and alumni engagement

Caroline Savalle, Director of Career Services, Internships, & Alumni Engagement leads our career services and alumni engagement team. She is our college’s liaison with ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services and her team provides career advising for our students and alumni. They also offer professional development, networking, and mentorship opportunities and actively build relationships with employers looking to hire our students.

Allison Gray, Senior Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Events is our college’s liaison with the ASU Alumni Association. She also helps support the College of Global Futures Alumni Board and provides engagement opportunities for our alumni.