Grade appeal and academic grievance process

The College of Global Futures follows the university policy for grade appeals. Outlined below are the steps a student can take if they wish to appeal a grade or the results of a defense or exam. This process only applies to courses and programs offered through the College of Global Futures. If the course or program is offered through another unit, the student will need to reference that unit’s process. You can find information about which unit offers a course by clicking “Full Class Details” on the course in the course search tool and you will see the unit next to “Offered by”.

It is recommended that this process be pursued in the semester following the issuance of the grade in dispute (but before commencement) to protect the student from retaliation. Students who believe they are victims of retaliation should immediately contact the Dean of the college

First Steps – Informal Process:

  1. The student should try and resolve the matter directly with the instructor or faculty member first. They should provide any evidence and reasons for questioning the grade or results of the defense or exam. The instructor is obliged to review the matter, explain the grading or assessment procedure used and show how the grade or result in question was determined. If the instructor is a graduate assistant and the dispute is not resolved, the student may then take the problem to the faculty member in charge of the course (regular faculty member or director of the course sequence).
  2. If the grading dispute is not resolved in step 1, the student may appeal to the designated school’s standards or program committee. Please use the College of Global Futures Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Form to submit the appeal. The standard’s committee may confer with the instructor or faculty member to better understand the dispute and also ask the school’s Director to review the case before a decision is made.
  3. If the matter is still unresolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, the student may then ask that the case be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Student Success. The Associate Dean may refer the case to the formal college academic grievance hearing committee to review the case formally. In most instances, however, the grievance procedure does not go beyond this level.

If Necessary – Formal Hearing:

  1. If the matter is escalated to the college and not resolved informally, the Associate Dean of Student Success will form a hearing committee consisting of at least 2 faculty members and a staff member (typically an academic advisor). A statement from the instructor or faculty member will also be collected.
  2. The Dean’s designee will schedule a hearing and Information about the grade appeal or grievance will be shared with the hearing committee in advance of the hearing. Both parties involved (student and instructor/faculty member) will be expected to attend the hearing. Each party in the grievance is entitled to be accompanied by any person of their choosing, but that person will not have the right to speak or cross examine. Their role shall be advisory only. Witnesses to the grievance may be asked to join the hearing and to present evidence. However, witnesses will only join the hearing as needed and should not be in attendance for the entire hearing. Only the committee members may ask questions of the parties involved.
  3. Following the hearing, the committee shall submit their recommendation along with supporting data to the Dean and Dean’s designee. Copies of the recommendation of action will also be emailed to the student involved, instructors or faculty involved, the designated school’s standards or program committee, and the school’s director.
  4. Final action will be taken by the Dean after full consideration of the committee’s recommendation. Grade changes, if any are recommended, may be made by the Dean. The Dean will also inform the student involved, instructors or faculty involved, the designated school’s standards or program committee, and the school’s director of the final decision along with any additional action taken.
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