The College of Global Futures offers a wide variety of courses so you can explore and learn more about innovation, sustainability, and complex adaptive systems.

For more information about enrolling in a course or making changes to a course you are already enrolled in, we are here to help.

Undergraduate courses

Questions about undergraduate courses (100 -level – 400 -level) with the following prefixes can be directed to the College of Global Futures Student Services Center in Wrigley Hall (WGHL), Suite 108.

  • BMY – Biomimicry.
  • FIS – Future of Innovation in Society.
  • SFS – Sustainable Food Systems.
  • SOS – School of Sustainability.

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Course override requests

Course overrides allow you to register for a course you are, for one reason or another, ineligible to register for. There are four types of override: prerequisite, section full, department/instructor consent and time conflict.

Overrides can only be granted by the department/college offering the course. If you would like to request an override for a course offered outside of the College of Global Futures, contact the advising unit for that department/college for their policy and procedure.

To request an override for a College of Global Futures undergraduate course, please submit the Undergraduate Course Override Request Form.

Late drop/add requests

Late drops from College of Global Futures courses are not allowed. However, you can withdraw from courses following the regular course withdrawal process.

If you wish to add a College of Global Futures course (BMY, FIS, SFS, SOS) after the official drop/add deadline, you may request special permission to do so. Instructor approval is required; however, instructor approval does not guarantee college approval. Drop/add deadlines are posted on the academic calendar.

Complete the Enrollment Change Request Form in its entirety. On the back of the form, you must sign the statement acknowledging you understand the potential repercussions of adding a course after the deadline. You must also obtain the instructor’s signature on the back of the form. A copy of an email directly from the instructor granting you permission to add the course late may be substituted for a physical signature. Instructor permission must be dated within 48 hours of submitting the form, or the request will be denied, and you will be asked to provide updated documentation.

Submit the completed form in person to the college’s Student Services Center front desk in Wrigley Hall, Room 108 or email it to [email protected]. You will be notified via ASU email when your petition has been processed.

Graduate courses

Questions about graduate courses (500 -level and above) with the following prefixes can be directed to the individual school(s).

School for the Future of Innovation in Society

  • AEP – Applied Ethics and the Professions.
  • GTD – Global Technology and Development.
  • HSD – Human and Social Dimensions of Science Technology.
  • IGD – Innovation in Global Development.

School of Complex Adaptive Systems

  • BMY – Biomimicry.

School of Sustainability

  • EMS – Executive Sustainability Leadership.
  • SFS – Sustainable Food Systems.
  • SOS – School of Sustainability.