General information about earning College of Global Futures internship credit

  • Students must have both an approved internship and completed application package submitted by the application deadlines.
  • Student will be cleared to register for credit after all materials are submitted to the CGF Career Development Specialist.
  • See “application and due dates” section below for direction on how to submit internship materials.
  • No late adds or retroactive credit can be issued.
  • All credit is offered during fall, spring and summer terms in B or C session.
  • Consult degree program academic advisor to determine how the credit can count toward fulfilling degree requirements.
  • See below for description of internship credit options.

CGF 484 or 584 Elective internship


All degree seeking College of Global Futures majors are eligible to register for elective internship credit if they have a qualifying internship and meet the course eligibility requirements.

Course overview:

This course combines undergraduate and graduate students earning elective credit and focuses on internship success. Assignments are completed through the course Canvas site. Examples of assignments include: tracking and reporting time, setting learning objectives, regular internship activities report, discussion boards, mid-term and final performance evaluations, resume, LinkedIn, final reflection or final presentations. Course grades are determined by successful completion of internship objectives, meeting the required number of internship hours, feedback from the internship supervisor and the assignments for the course. The regular A/E letter grading scale is used and grades count toward cumulative GPA.

Course prerequisites:

  • Degree seeking College of Global Futures student.
  • At least 12 hours of ASU coursework completed.
  • In good academic standing: meets cumulative ASU and major GPA requirements.
  • Must have qualifying internship lined up before the start of the term, and submit application materials by posted deadline.

Additional notes:

  • Undergraduates will enroll in 3 hours of CGF 484.
  • Graduate students can choose to enroll in 1 to 3 hours.
  • Students can earn a maximum of 6 CGF internship credit hours toward their degree program, though some graduate programs may be restricted to fewer.
  • Graduate students and international students may need additional approvals from academic units.
TermCompleted application deadline date
Summer C (5/16/24 – 6/26/24)Due Monday May 13
Summer B (7/1/24 – 8/9/24)Due Friday June 28
Fall C  (8/22/24 – 12/6/24)Due Monday Aug 19
Fall B (10/16/24 – 12/6/24)Due Monday Oct 14
Spring C (1/13/25 – 5/2/25)Due Friday Jan 10
Spring B (3/17/2025 – 5/2/25)Due Friday March 14

CGF Internship credit application process


The process for registering for CGF internship credit involves two steps.

Graduate students, international students or students needing credit overloads may have additional steps (below).


Internship approval and credit application

The internship must be reviewed and approved by a CGF Internship Coordinator. Submit the following:

A. Internship Position Description: Must be an official description from a website or organization. Cannot be informally written by the student. If you do not have a written position description, work with your supervisor to document responsibilities and expectations. Use the “Internship Position Description” link above for a template if needed.

  • Exception: internships originally posted on Global Futures Connect do not need to submit a position description, unless position differs from original posting.

B. Internship Credit Application Form: Complete this Google form to provide registration information,  internship organization details, supervisor contacts and learning objectives.

The CGF Internship Coordinator will review and respond within a week of submission. The student can choose to start by submitting only the Internship position description, if they want general approval before proceeding to the Internship credit application form.

You can submit your Internship position description and ask any questions: [email protected]

However, step two will not be started until both the Internship description and credit application form are received.


University Internship Agreement

After initial internship approval, the CGF Internship Coordinator will send the University Internship Agreement to the student’s ASU email address by AdobeSign. This agreement will be signed by the student, the internship supervisor and the CGF Internship Coordinator.

C. University Internship Agreement: Read the linked instructions carefully. Gather comprehensive internship information, including a letter of offer from the organization. Submit information as requested, then the agreement will go to the internship supervisor to sign.

When the signed agreement is received, the CGF Internship Coordinator will clear the student for CGF 484 or 584 and notify the student to register.


Possible additional steps

Request credit overload (if needed):

If registering in internship credit will put you over full-time enrollment for the term, you must be cleared for a credit overload before you can register. Please look at your enrollment ahead of time and submit your credit hour overload request (undergrads) to prevent delays in registration. Graduate students, contact your academic advisor.

Graduate students:

Make sure your academic advisor is aware that you plan on registering for internship credit, that you understand what the credit will count for and that your iPos is updated (if applicable). Some graduate students may need faculty approval.

International students using Curricular Practical Training:

Understand the Curricular Practical Training process by reviewing the most updated information on the ISSC Curricular Practical Training page.

Students may not apply for CPT until the internship is approved and the student is enrolled in CGF internship credit which requires the steps above and another agreement sent to the internship supervisor (SPA).

To ensure a smooth process, provide the following information to the CGF Internship Coordinator:

  • Confirmation from academic advisor that iPos is updated (grad students).
  • Final semester and year.
  • Total number of hours registered for during the term of the internship (including internship hours).
  • How many credits remain after CPT is completed?
  • Is the student completing a thesis or dissertation?
  • How many hours a week does the internship require?

International internships:

Any student completing an internship outside of the U.S. that is not part of an official ASU sponsored study abroad program, is required to register in the ASU International Travel Registry. There is a small fee associated with this registration which includes insurance and access to 24/7 ASU emergency response services and enables ASU to reach you in the event of an emergency – abroad or at home. The travel registration system is ASU’s official means for sharing urgent health, safety and security related information.

Contact CGF Internships with any questions: [email protected].