Below, you will find a list of ASU facilitated internship programs, open to all majors unless otherwise specified. Internships secured through these resources still need to be reviewed by the College of Global Futures Career Services team for internship credit approval

The USDA NextGen program/Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems

The United States Department of Agriculture NextGen program is aimed at creating a pipeline of diverse professionals, trained and ready for future careers in the food and agriculture sector, particularly at USDA. The program includes paid internship opportunities for undergraduate students in the sustainable food systems BS degree, minor and certificate programs in the School of Sustainability. Opportunities available for Online and campus immersion based students.


The SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library) initiative at ASU combines curated digital libraries, solar-powered, offline technology and the training to build information literacy and internet-ready skills in offline environments, focusing on the half of the world that remains unconnected. Opportunities include internships, fellowships, student worker positions and volunteer opportunities.

MCCLEAPS: Maricopa County Leadership and Education Advancing Public Service

MCLEAPS is administered through ASU’s Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions and internships are open to all ASU students. Full time internships are offered in fall and spring semesters. Participants receive a tuition and fee waiver, a stipend of approximately $5,000, and 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate internship credits.

CGF students have interned with the departments of Air Quality and Environmental Services in the past, but many different departments are seeking interns.

Arizona Legislative Internship Program/School of Politics and Global Studies

The Arizona Legislative and Government Internship Program is a competitive university-wide program that provides an opportunity to intern full time at a state agency, the Arizona State Legislature, the Governor’s Office, or the Arizona Supreme Court during spring semester. Participants receive a tuition and fee waiver, a stipend of approximately $5,000 and 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate internship credits.

Policy Design Studio and Internship Program / School of Politics and Global Studies*

Live and intern in Washington, D.C., for the semester (fall, spring), study how policy is made, and earn 12 upper division credits!

Intern at an organization of interest to you (options include, but are not limited to, the White House, Congress, courts, government agencies, lobbying and consulting firms, advocacy groups, media outlets, museums, think tanks and non-profit organizations).

*Tuition/fees associated with participation in this program.

Capital Scholars Program/School of Politics and Global Studies*

Similar to Policy Design Studio, but takes place in Washington, D.C., during summer term, earning 6 credits.

*Tuition/fees associated with participation in this program.

Intern Abroad/ASU Study Abroad Office*

ASU Global Education Office offers a number of study abroad programs offering internship opportunities. See the “international internships” section of this site for more information on international internships.

*Tuition/fees associated with participation in this program.

Additional opportunities

The following programs are not traditional internships, but are excellent opportunities to gain hands-on experience in areas associated with global futures.

InnovationSpace® is a transformative experience, where students build the skills of the future and develop their capacity for collaboration and innovation as they produce extraordinary projects while working on transdisciplinary teams. Join us for one of our diverse projects working with our sponsor clients in our brand new studio in the Novus Innovation Corridor.

Engineering Projects in Community Service is an engineering design-based service learning and social entrepreneurship program that incorporates the engineering and human-centered design processes in providing solutions to real world problems facing society. Students work on real-world projects with local and global community partners with a social-focus on either community development, health, sustainability and/or education.

The Humanities Lab at ASU is designed as an experimental space in which interdisciplinary faculty teams work with students from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds to investigate grand social challenges, to construct researchable questions that delve deeply into those challenges and to generate possible approaches to complex, “wicked” issues like immigration, health and climate change, for which there are no easy answers.

Forage, Virtual Career Exploration Experiences. In only 5-6 hours, participants will use relevant tools and learn skills that provide students with a career advantage and connect them with Fortune 500 companies. Virtual work experience programs available through Forage are 100% free, open access and self-paced. No application or prior experience is needed.

Parker Dewey Micro-internships. Micro-internships are short-term, paid professional projects that provide opportunities for career exploration and skill building. Unlike traditional internships, micro-internships can take place year-round. They typically range from 5 to 50 hours of work total, and tend to have a duration between one week and one month.