Job S.H.A.R.E

The Job SHARE program offers College of Global Futures students the opportunity to connect with alumni to and conduct an informational interview, allowing them to gain insights into what it’s really like to work in global futures careers. Applications open each semester, with students encouraged to participate multiple times.

What to expect

Application process

  • Job SHARE applications open in late August for fall semester participation and mid-January for spring semester participation. When applications are open, we’ll post a link on this page and include it in student newsletters. Students will have two weeks to complete and submit their application.
  • Students provide information about their career interests and select their preferences based on the titles and companies listed for each alumni mentor from a dropdown menu.
  • Participants are encouraged to research the roles and companies listed on the application to learn more about their potential mentor’s place of work.
  • During the application review process, priority is given in the following order: seniors, graduate students, juniors, sophomores/first-year students to increase access to the program prior to graduation.
  • Approximately two weeks after applications close, students will receive an email connecting them with their assigned mentor.

Informational interview

  • Once a student is matched with a mentor, they will be introduced by email to set up their conversation in-person or over Zoom.
  • The Job SHARE program coordinator will provide a brief orientation and share best practices to support students while preparing for the informational interview.
  • Students are expected to initiate contact with their mentor, determine a time for and schedule the informational interview, and inform the Job SHARE program manager of the scheduled meeting details.
  • Students will be given a deadline to hold their informational interview (typically by the last week of the semester).

Networking mixer

The Job SHARE program not only facilitates one-on-one connections between students and alumni but also includes networking mixers where participants can engage in group discussions and expand their professional networks. These mixers provide an informal setting for students to interact with multiple alumni simultaneously, fostering a broader exchange of experiences and insights.

Mentor companies

Alumni mentors in the program work at a variety of companies and organizations, including:

  • Apple
  • Arizona State University
  • City of Tempe
  • Microsoft
  • Persefoni
  • U-Haul
  • Arizona Public Service (APS)
  • Columbia University
  • Fusebox Powered by Pierce Energy
  • Nasa
  • SunRun Solar
  • Amazon

Student testimonials

It was great getting to know how to start working for utility companies that focus on solar power. Also, my mentor had really great advice about places to search for jobs and what qualifications are important for these kinds of positions.


This is a great program, and I think ASU should continue to offer opportunities like this in the future!


Alumni testimonals

I have always enjoyed this program as it offers the student a great window to see what their career paths might be and allows me to give suggestions and advice that I would have appreciated when I was in their shoes.


The program has obvious benefits to the student if conducted well, but I found benefit in being able to learn about what the newest sustainability professionals are thinking about.


I really enjoyed hearing from a current student about how the college/sustainability program has evolved and matured over time. I hope Anna was able to get some interesting or insightful feedback from me about how the ASU program and experience translated for me into a career and what strengths of her own she can bring to bear (directly or indirectly) when she eventually strikes out on her own career search.


Learn more about Job SHARE!

Contact program coordinator Allison Gray.