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The schools within the College of Global Futures offer a diverse suite of course offerings in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees and certifications. Each program is purposefully designed to prepare graduates and professionals to directly apply their acquired skills and tools within in-demand fields, with a focus on solving the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Scientific and technological advances are deeply intertwined with societal concerns. When we innovate, are we thinking critically about social and technical systems in a way that anticipates potential concerns so that we can be confident that what we are creating is both useful and good for our global future?

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society envisions responsible innovation at scale. Our students anticipate societal challenges and work across disciplines to examine areas such as global technology and development, biomedical and health ethics, public interest technology and policies for emerging technologies. We are grounded in the belief that by considering the ways in which we translate imagination into innovation, engaging the public and exploring the social impacts of technological and scientific advancements, we collectively build more just and equitable futures for all.

School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability students, diverse in their backgrounds and interests, work toward a common goal: leaving the world better than they found it. Students are drawn to this rapidly growing field because sustainability integrates social, economic and environmental dimensions to develop enduring and equitable solutions to global challenges.

Learning tracks within the school include energy and technology, international development, ecosystems management, urban dynamics, food systems, policy and governance, and sustainability leadership. Our curriculum is grounded in experiential learning and practical faculty-led research, equipping graduates of the School of Sustainability with the skills and tools to make positive impacts in a rapidly changing world.

School of Complex Adaptive Systems

Uncertainty, scalability, thresholds (tipping points), path dependence…these are among the most pressing issues facing societies across the globe. The School of Complex Adaptive Systems explores these challenges, develops solutions and suggests interventions that enhance the resilience and well-being of our planet and our shared global futures.

Our planet is the ultimate complex system with many intertwined subsystems that envelop natural, social and technological systems and transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. This visionary school engages wide-ranging national and international collaborations to advance the exploration of these systems and disseminate fundamental transdisciplinary knowledge through a unique set of academic graduate offerings.