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Are you interested in expanding your education and further developing your knowledge, skills and experience in a program that will help you make a positive impact? The College of Global Futures offers a number of research and professional graduate programs to increase your knowledge and skills in the areas of complexity, innovation and sustainability. There is an increasing demand for master’s and doctoral degree graduates who understand the complexity of the challenges we face, have transdisciplinary perspectives, are collaborative, have effective problem solving skills, and have the ability to envision and implement innovative solutions.

Undergraduate certificates


Biomimicry Certificate

The emerging discipline of biomimicry uses biology and imitates nature to design for human applications. Pair this program’s emphasis on sustainability with your passion for the practice of biomimicry in your field of interest, and become an empowered change-agent.


Energy and Sustainability Certificate

What renewable energy systems will replace our dependence on nonrenewable resources? If you want to create a sustainable energy future, this certificate program is for you. It draws from and complements a variety of majors, and it can also be pursued as a stand-alone certificate.


Innovation for Impact Certificate

The innovation for impact certificate program enables students to cultivate the knowledge, skills and critical dispositions necessary to leverage the power of innovation and achieve personally meaningful and socially significant impact. The program is grounded in the belief that each person can do great things.


Sustainable Food Systems Certificate

If you want to create a sustainable food systems future, this certificate is for you. It is intended to draw from and inform a variety of majors and can also be pursued as a stand-alone certificate. An understanding of food systems is increasingly important for many jobs.

Graduate certificates



The Graduate Certificate in Biomimicry is an educational program designed for professionals who want to add the practice of biomimicry to an existing or planned career.


Complex adaptive systems science

This new interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Complex Adaptive Systems Science (CASS) aims to train the next generation of scientists in advanced concepts and methods.


Energy and sustainability

The global energy system is a complex system. Leaders in sustainable energy require a transdisciplinary perspective that combines technical, economic, social and policy dimensions of energy systems. Students in this certificate can select their elective coursework from a pre-approved list.


Environmental and sustainability economics

Achieving sustainable economies, corporations and communities requires the consideration of tradeoffs. Environmental and resource economics (ERE) provides a rigorous framework for weighing these tradeoffs.


Food policy and sustainability leadership

The food policy and sustainability leadership graduate certificate will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of current food policy and a panoramic view of the policymaking process. You’ll be prepared to shape policy and advance sustainable food systems.

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Global development and innovation

The graduate certificate in global development and innovation responds to the knowledge and skills gap that development practitioners often struggle with globally.


Nonfiction Writing and Publishing

The graduate certificate program in nonfiction writing and publishing is based on the belief that the work done within the university is most impactful when it can be shared — in a clear and compelling way — with audiences beyond chosen fields of research.


Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society

The certificate program in responsible innovation in science, engineering and society is designed for those who seek to advance science and technology to improve societal outcomes and to develop creative solutions to the fundamental global challenges of the 21st century.



The graduate certificate program in sustainability provides the foundational knowledge required to integrate sustainable thinking into any academic or professional field.

Sustainability and Enterprise

Modern enterprises such as traditional businesses, nonprofits and governments recognize the value of embedding sustainability into their operating strategies. Gain the expertise to guide organizations as they address today’s challenges and evolve into the sustainable enterprises of the future.