Career Paths

What career opportunities exist for global futures students?

There is a demand for employees and leaders who understand complexity, understand how to approach problems and solutions, and know how to work with and draw from different disciplines. By engaging a breadth of knowledge and experience, and by acquiring the skills to integrate various domains of knowledge, college of global futures students prepare themselves for a variety of careers but also for admission into strong graduate and professional schools.

Possible career paths

School for the Future of Innovation in Society

  • Academia and education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Environmental systems
  • Government agencies
  • Science and technology policy

School of

  • Consulting
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Government agencies
  • NGO or nonprofit
  • Waste and recycling
  • School of Complex Adaptive Systems

  • Academia and education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Environmental systems
  • Government agencies
  • Science and technology policy
  • Workshops and lectures

    Our Careers Going Forward events are held during the spring and fall semesters. The events address what you can do with your career after graduation and the tools you need in order to get there. You can view recordings of previous events here.

    Frequently asked questions

    The College of Global Futures career services is dedicated to helping the college’s students and alumni discuss career options and perform company and occupational research. We offer students and alumni comprehensive career planning by assisting with resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn optimization strategies, interview preparation, job search strategy, and other employment-related topics for your specific degree program. These services are exclusive to College of Global Futures degree-seeking students and alumni.

    To make an appointment, visit our website to book an appointment or you can call 480-727-6963.

    No, appointments must be scheduled in advance.

    The main student services line is 480-727-6963, and the email is [email protected]

    We are located on the 4th floor of the Rob and Melani Walton Center for Planetary Health (WCPH) on the southwest corner of Rural and University. Formerly known as ISTB7.

    Our Students have graduated and taken on roles such as:

    • Consultant, Associate Professor
    • Research Scholar
    • Sustainability and Environmental Specialist
    • Sustainability Coordinator 
    • Land Planner
    • Zero Waste Specialist
    • Water Resources Specialist 
    • Chief Operations Officer
    • Sustainability and Diversity Manager
    • Energy Analyst
    • LEED Project manager

    College of Global Futures Alumni have joined companies such as:

    • Boeing
    • Amazon
    • Sierra Club
    • United Nations
    • Intel
    • Tesla
    • GE
    • Disney
    • NRG
    • Honeywell
    • Chargepoint
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • NatureBox
    • US Environmental Protection Agency 

    Our undergrads have gone on and continued their education at the following institutions and programs:

    • University of Wisconsin – Madison, Urban Planning
    • Stanford University – Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies
    • University of Southern California – Doctorate, Urban Education Policy  
    • California Institute of Integral Studies – Doctorate, Anthropology & Social Change
    • ASU, School of Sustainability -Masters, Sustainability Leadership Masters, Sustainability Solutions, Doctorate, Sustainability
    • ASU – School for the Future of Innovation in Society -Masters, Global Technology and Development, Doctorate, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, Doctorate, Innovation in Global Development
    • University of Arizona, Environmental Science
    • University of Michigan – Masters, Environment and Sustainability
    • University of New Mexico – Masters, Earth and Planetary Science
    • Delft University of Technology – Doctorate, Analogical Reasoning in Biomimicry Design Education