The Mission: Interplanetary Podcast is Back, and it’s Better Than Ever!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since former astronaut Cady Coleman and I launched season one of the space podcast Mission: Interplanetary. That first season was groundbreaking in who we spoke with, and what we talked about. And now we’re back for even more!

In those first eight episodes, Cady and I (along with our fabulous production team) set out to have the types of conversations about space that people are hungry for, but rarely get to listen to. And now we get to do it all over again with new guests, new conversations, and a brand new set of questions.

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In season one we covered everything from orbital debris and the end of the universe to decolonizing space exploration, and even murder in space, with some of the most interesting and thoughtful experts in the field.

It was a blast!

In season 2 we have some equally amazing guests and a bunch of equally intriguing and compelling topics as we explore the future of humans in space. And of course, we have more of the unique “sounds of space” that we included first time round, together with the type of conversations about space that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

In this season we managed to line up an incredible group of guests, including NASA Chief Scientists Julie Robinson, MIT Media Lab Director Dava Newman, and the amazing Jill Tarter (who inspired Jodi Foster’s character in the movie Contact).

Season 2 launched March 22, 2022 with new episodes airing each Tuesday — make sure you visit the podcast website, and bookmark us at Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you get your podcast fix so you don’t miss out!

Series Two Schedule

March 22: Is space mining really viable?
Guest: Chris Lewicki, Interplanetary Enterprises, LLC

March 29: What dangers will the first crewed mission to Mars face?
Guest: Julie Robinson, NASA Chief Scientist and Manager for Science & Technology Utilization (Acting)

April 5: How can space technologies help fight climate change?
Guest: Dava Newman, Director, MIT Media Lab

April 12: Planetary Smackdown! Mars vs. Venus. Where should we invest?
Guests: Tanya Harrison (Director of Strategic Science Initiatives at
Planet) & Joe O’Roarke (Arizona State University)

April 19: How can we make space more accessible to disabled people? Part I
Guest: Ann Kapusta (Executive DirectorExecutive Director, Space Frontier Foundation)

April 26: How can we make space more accessible to disabled people? Part II
Guest: Sina Bahram (AstroAccess Ambassador)

May 3: What will people do on the first private space station?
Guests: Erika Wagner (Sr. Director for Emerging Space Markets, Blue Origin) & Jessy Kate Schingler (Director of Governance and Policy, Open Lunar Foundation)

May 10: Are we done searching for intelligent life?
Guest: Jill Tarter (former director of the Center for SETI Research)

Where to Listen

The Mission: Interplanetary podcast is available everywhere good podcasts are found, including:

Andrew Maynard
Director, ASU Future of Being Human initiative