Support a Student: Buy a Book!

Over the next year, thousands of people will be financially supporting students in Arizona State University’s College of Global Futures — not by giving directly, but by buying books!

I’m excited to announce that, between July 2021 and June 2022, all royalties from the sales of the books Films from the Future and Future Rising will go to the College’s Final Mile Fund — a fund that my wife Clare and I established to help students through the “final mile” of their degree. And while it feels a little awkward to be writing an article that, at its core, says “please buy my book,” this is a cause that is far bigger than my very British embarrassment!

The fund itself is something that’s deeply personal to us both as we look for ways to empower students in reaching their potential as they strive to become the architects and builders of a better future. As educators, we understand the power of supporting students in what they can become, rather than what they’ve already achieved.

I also suspect it’s represents an opportunity that will resonate with many of you as you actively look for ways to support the next generation of forward-looking future-builders.

You can read more about our thinking and motivation behind setting up the Final Mile Fund here. There’s even a short video. However, for the fund to be impactful, it needs to grow–a lot. And this is where we need your help.

So if you’re looking for ways to give back to students and support them, or you’re invested in helping students reaching their potential as builders of a better future — or even if you are willing to support Clare and myself in something we’re deeply invested in — here are seven simple ways you can give us a hand:

1. Buy a book

It’s as simple as that — for every print and digital copy of Films from the Future and Future Rising sold between July 2021 and June 2022, I’ll be donating all royalties received to the Final Mile Fund.

It’s a reasonably painless way of contributing to a fund that aims to help students navigate the final mile of their degree as they prepare for what lies next. And you get a book out of it!

The books, by the way, are available pretty much anywhere good books are sold, irrespective of whether you’re an Amazon addict, a big store bricks and mortar aficionado, or a supporter of your local independent bookstore.

2. Buy books for friends and family

Naturally I’m biased here, but these books do make great gifts — especially with the added bonus of simultaneously supporting students.

3. Encourage others to buy a book

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of letting people know about new opportunities — so if you know of anyone who may be interested in supporting our students through the final mile of their degree in the ASU College of Global Futures, please do pass the word on. The world is full of generous people just looking for opportunities, and sometimes all it takes is you to be the link that connects the two together.

4. Recommend the books to a book club

Both Films from the Future and Future Rising are perfect book club material — especially if you’re looking for something that is accessible and full of intriguing new ideas.

Films from the Future is ideal if you’re looking to combine reading, movie-watching and great discussions. And Future Rising is built around short reflections that are great for inspiring conversations that are illuminating, but not too taxing!

5. Start a book club!

Of course, if you’re not already part of a book club, you can always start one! And where better to start than a book club that grapples with what the future holds, and how our actions in the present affect it.

6. Buy copies of the books for your team

This is where things have the potential to scale up and make a major dent in our fundraising goals: If you are in a leadership role in a company — especially in the tech sector — consider purchasing copies of either Films from the Future or Future Rising for your teams.

Both books provide insights into responsible and beneficial innovation that are more important than ever as businesses navigate an increasingly complex social and ethical landscape between good ideas and their successful implementation. And as such, purchasing copies is as much an investment in your enterprise as it is in our students.

7. Or you could simply bypass the books and make a donation

And finally, you can always simply bypass buying the books, and directly donate what you would have spent to the fund. Because at the end of the day, it’s the ability to support our students that counts, not book sales.

However you decide to help, it means a lot to us — and more to our students. Thank you!

Andrew Maynard
Director, ASU Future of Being Human initiative
Substack: The Future of Being Human