What exactly is the future, and how are we connected to it?

What exactly is the future, how are we connected to it, and what is our responsibility to it?

These are questions that the new podcast Future Rising grapples with as it takes listeners on a journey that starts with the Big Bang, and ends with our responsibility to future generations within an increasingly complex world.

They’re also questions that are front and center of how we think about and act on global futures, and deeply pertinent to both the College of Global Futures, and the Global Futures Laboratory.

This is something I’ve been toying with producing for some time. I’m very much an “aural” writer. The phrasing and cadence of my writing often reflect how I imagine my words would sound if I was speaking them aloud. And as a consequence, I often wonder how much gets lost in translation between how I “hear” what I write, and how my words “sound” to others as they’re read.

And so I finally took the plunge, and season One of the Future Rising Podcast has just launched, with new episodes dropping every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This first season takes listeners through the first section of the book — “A Journey Into The Past” — as it moves from Bill Anders’ iconic 1968 Earthrise photo, to the earliest beginnings of the universe, and from there through the emergence of humans as a species that is capable of using intelligence and reason to conceptualize different futures. Depending on how much interest there is, season two will follow later this summer.

You can follow Future Rising wherever you get your podcasts (there are multiple options listed here), or you can check out the latest episodes here:

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Happy listening!


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