Digging into Regenerative Food Systems

It’s probably fairly obvious from my work, but I spend a lot of time thinking about how academic work is made as accessible and useful to others as possible. And so I get excited when I see PhD students embrace the idea of translating or “mobilizing” their research as part of their scholarship.

This is far from the only great example here coming out of the ASU College of Global Futures , but I did want to highlight the podcast Regenerative Food Systems that sustainability graduate Sara Aly El Sayed produced as part of her PhD.

You can listen to both episodes below, or on your favorite podcast platform:

This two-part podcast series explores two perspectives of food systems: one from a small-scale food producer and another from an advocate in food policy.

The first episode is an interview with in Bridget Pettis, co-founder of Project Roots. In the episode, she explores how to make conscious and sustainable choices as consumers.

In the second episode we hear from Kenneth Steele, who works for Pinnacle Prevention. With his experience in food policy, Kenneth discusses the importance of advocacy and how we can get involved.

Together these podcast episodes hep us better-understand how both individual practice and collaborative action play an important role in creating sustainable food systems and vibrant, healthy communities.

The episodes are co-hosted by Sara El-Sayed as part of her Ph.D. dissertation at Arizona State University in collaboration with 4 undergraduate students Anna Elovitz, Jordan Sene, Katie Blessington, Madison Harris