Welcome to the College of Global Futures Deans’ Blog!

First posts on a new blog are always tricky – do you try and wow your audience with intellectual fireworks? Do you hit them with something unexpected and amazing? Or do you simply say “Hi” and hope they come back for something more substantive next time round?

Having done this numerous times in the past, I still have no idea what the right answer is, so I’m just going to jump right in and say hi and welcome to the brand new Dean’s Blog from the equally new ASU College of Global Futures, and say a bit about what you can expect from us.

First off, I should say who we are. The “we” here is Dr. Chris Boone (Dean of the College of Global Futures), Dr. Nicole Darnall (Associate Dean of Faculty Success), Dr. David Guston (Associate Dean for Research) and myself — Associate Dean of Curricula and Student Success. Together, we’ll be your hosts, guides, interlocutors, and fellow travelers into the future of this blog, the college, and who knows what else!

As to the what and the why, we wanted a space where we could communicate and engage around our thoughts, ideas, fears, aspirations and dreams, as we work with an amazing community of people on building this new college and having an impact that goes well beyond the walls of academia.

Each of us will be using this platform differently, and will have our own unique style and “flavor.” And to be honest, we’re not sure yet what our individual flavors will be – that’s part of the excitement of starting something new! But between us, you can expect insider information about the college and where it’s heading, candid glimpses into where our heads are at, and novel insights into our work and how it ties in with the future.

And as for me, expect plenty of posts about my personal journey into thinking about the future, and the role that the college and our collective work here plays in making this a journey toward a vibrant future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and be a part of building something amazing.

So please do bookmark us and check back frequently to see what’s going on. You never know what you might find!