The College of Global Futures works to develop a respectful and positive culture of academic honesty.

We do this by promoting proactive best practices to prevent academic integrity violations along with respectfully and transparently handling cases as they occur. We also help students understand the ASU processes and learn from their mistakes after they are found responsible for a violation.

ASU Academic Integrity Policy

Faculty and staff resources

Student resources

Ultimately, promoting good ethical decision-making and protecting the quality of the ASU degree is everyone’s responsibility.

Academic dishonesty falls into five broad areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Cheating on an academic assessment or assignment
  • Plagiarizing or claiming credit for work done by someone else or through the unauthorized use of technology
  • Academic deceit, such as fabricating data or information
  • Aiding academic integrity policy violations and inappropriately collaborating
  • Falsifying academic records