The following resources should be helpful as you navigate how to post final grades or deal with grading questions for your course.

Ordinarily a grade of “A+,” “A,” “A-,” “B+,” ” B,” “B-,” “C+,” “C,” “D,” or “E” is given upon completion of a course, unless another grading option such as “audit” or “pass/fail” is indicated at the time of registration. Grading options cannot be changed after the close of the drop/add period. The instructor of a course has full discretion in selecting which grades to use from the available grading options.

Be sure that the grading scheme on your syllabus matches the grading scheme selected in your Canvas Settings

In determining final grades, a student’s total score can be based on the number of points you choose and you must determine what % each assignment is of the grade. You can also use a simple or detailed grading scale, but you are limited to either a simple A, B, C, D, E or these letter grades below. There is no C- or D+ or F at ASU. If you list the simple A, B, C, D, E scale on your syllabus, you cannot use the + or – grades in your final grading even if they are available to you.

When it’s time to post final grades for the course, it’s important to understand the difference between grades posted in Canvas and grades posted in the Peoplesoft grade roster. Ultimately, final grades posted in Canvas need to be transferred to or entered into the Peoplesoft grade roster (through My ASU) in order for the course to be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Deadlines for posting final grades can be found on ASU’s Academic Calendar:

If you have questions about posting final grades, please contact your course scheduler.

Instructions for Posting Final Grades from Canvas

Many times students will ask for an ‘Incomplete’ if they are not doing well in a course. However, Incompletes are only appropriate if a student has a passing grade in a course, but due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond their control, cannot finish all of the assignments by the class end date. Please read additional information about incomplete grades here. After reading through ASU’s policy, if you feel that it is appropriate to award an Incomplete, you will need to fill out the Incomplete Grade Request with the student and assign the student an “I” when submitting grades. It’s advisable to only allow this option for a student that has a small amount of work left in the course and it’s also recommended that you select a reasonable deadline, not too far into the future to help keep the student on track.

Note: Please do not enter an “I” grade unless you plan on making sure the Incomplete Grade Request is completed with the student. If the student is not responding to completing the form, please enter the grade they earned or complete a grade change to change the “I” to the grade they earned.

You can turn the completed form into the CGF Student Services Center so that an electronic copy can be kept on file. The form can be emailed to [email protected] once you and the student have completed it.

If the student completes the course within the defined time period, you can then submit a Grade Change Request. You can do this by going into your grade roster and submitting a grade change.

Grade changes can be submitted through the PeopleSoft grade roster on My ASU. Once submitted, these requests are reviewed by at the School and the College level, so please allow time for processing.

For questions about grade changes, please contact your course scheduler.