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SFIS Study Abroad Scholarships

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society study abroad scholarships supports students who want to participate in a special learning experience in another country. Two scholarship awards of $500 will be awarded to qualified students currently enrolled in, and in good standing with, an SFIS degree program. This scholarship is only applicable for approved SFIS sponsored and co-sponsored abroad programs. Students may choose from the following eligible programs:

For spring 2024

GIE: Democracy, Sustainability, and the Global Future of Brazil

GIE: Egypt: Impact of Global Food Economies on Local Sustainability and Development

GIE: Sea Turtles, Sharks, and Fisheries of Baja California – Emerging Topics in Marine Conservation

GIE: Vietnam: A Country of Historic Resilience Facing a Future of Rising Seas

How to apply:

Please send a written application to the Director of Business Operations, Lori Hidinger. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Director of Business Operations and two SFIS faculty members. Priority will be given to students with a high need for financial assistance. Applicants must be in good standing with their SFIS degree program for consideration.

Please include in your application:

  • Which Study Abroad Program you intend to enroll in
  • A statement of financial need (500 words)
  • A budget demonstrating need, including program costs to you and current funding secured or pending
  • Optional supplement: Explain any unusual personal circumstances the scholarship reviewers should consider

All scholarships awarded through this fund are contingent on student acceptance and completion of the study abroad program.