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School of Sustainability General Application for Project Grants

Students pursuing a sustainability degree through Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability are eligible to apply for grant funding. Grant awards are intended to be used to help fund expenses associated with a capstone-type or culminating experience-type project. These opportunities are funded by both businesses and individuals with an interest in the environmental, social and economic well-being of our future.

Tips for a successful application

  • Make sure you are eligible (read the criteria).
  • Take time to provide meaningful responses to all of the questions being asked.
  • Draft responses to application questions and have someone else proofread them before you submit your application, checking the following components:
    • Have you thoroughly completed all portions of the application?
    • Did you do your research on and have you justified how you came up with numbers provided in your budget?
    • Have you structured your proposal and budget narrative using clear, concise, and organized writing?
    • Have you checked spelling and grammar?
  • Since a recommendation is required, please give your recommender a heads up and give them plenty of time to prepare a recommendation. Give them information about the grant you’re applying for, including the deadline (if applicable). Don’t forget to let them know if you are awarded a grant and share your appreciation for their time.

General application

The School of Sustainability uses a general application for grant funding. To apply for the following grants, please use the general application below.

  • Martinson Sustainability Solutions Grant: Funding for proposed research and projects designed to support and advance sustainability ($100 – $500).
  • Morrison Neely Foundation Food and Agriculture Sustainability Research Grant: Funding for food and agricultural system sustainability. ($1,000 – $4,000)
  • Amount: $100 – $4,000 (depending on the source of funding)
  • Deadline: February 15, 2024
  • Award term: Summer 2024, Fall 2024 or Spring 2025
  • Academic level: Undergraduate (junior or senior) or Graduate
  • Eligibility: Must be a School of Sustainability degree-seeking student enrolled in the upcoming summer and/or full-time for the next academic year. Students must be carrying out a sustainability capstone-type project, honors thesis work, or research connected with a scientific paper, master’s thesis, or doctoral dissertation. Students must also have a faculty mentor overseeing their research or project.
  • Application: Applying is a multi-step process which includes an application with questions, a proposal narrative, budget, and mentor commitment form and recommendation. Please follow the process outlined in the application.

Download application