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Accelerated Bachelor’s + Master’s Degrees

What are the benefits of pursuing an accelerated bachelor’s plus master’s program?

If you are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you can apply to start a master’s degree in your last year, getting a head start on your graduate education, saving both time and money. Plus, having a master’s degree can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and increase your earning potential.

Each program has requirements students must meet to be eligible for consideration. Acceptance to the graduate program requires a separate application. If you’re interested, please talk with your academic advisor before your junior year to learn what steps you will need to take to apply and be considered.


Master of Science in global technology and development

The MS in global technology and development is a program in international social, economic and political development that highlights the variable of technology and innovation in these development processes and analyzes change within the context of the current era of globalization.


Master of Science in public interest technology

Learn to integrate values-based principles with the power of technology to advance the well-being of society today and into the future. This revolutionary degree program in public interest technology will equip you with the skills to become a next generation thinker and responsible innovator.


Master of sustainability solutions

The Master of sustainability solutions (MSUS), offered only on ASU’s Tempe campus, is designed to prepare students to apply sustainability principles and approaches to careers in a variety of fields, addressing complex human and environmental challenges.

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Accelerated Master of Science in sustainable food systems

Be instrumental in improving the health of people, communities and the planet once you have the necessary policy knowledge, strategic methodology and systems outlook provided by the Master’s in sustainable food systems degree.