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College of Global Futures Student Showcase 2021

Friday April 23, 2021
2:30-4:00 p.m. AZ Time

Each semester, we explore the research and projects of our College of Global Futures students with a Student Showcase. This Student Showcase features undergraduate and graduate research, applied projects, theses and dissertations. The Showcase will include students from School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the School of Sustainability and the School for Complex Adaptive Systems.

The Student Showcase will be virtual this semester. This webpage will be updated with the presentation schedule and links to the presentation Zoom rooms in the days leading up to the Showcase.

Participation Process

COLLEGE OF GLOBAL FUTURES STUDENTS: Complete the “Intent to Participate” form by April 1, 2021. Graduate students are expected to submit an abstract of 200-300 words about the research or applied project they will be presenting about.

Undergraduate students: you are automatically approved to participate upon the submission of your “intent to participate” and submission of your presentation. Graduate and PhD students: you will be notified by April 9, 2021 if your abstract submission has been approved.

Presentation submissions due by April 19 at 11 p.m. AZ time. *Exceptions Granted Upon Approval*

School for the Future of Innovation in Society Undergraduate Research Program (SURF) participants will submit their PowerPoint presentations via their Canvas course.

All other presentations are to be submitted using the submit presentation link above.

We encourage the project information to be in a slide show format instead of a poster. This will make it easier to see and present the project information via Zoom.

The Student Showcase presentation schedule and Zoom links will be announced by April 21.

Student Showcase Participants

Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)
Adam Costello
Akilah Davitt
Alyson Hulet
Caitlyn Finnegan
Chelsey Aubol Srnsky
Dayanara Avilez
Dexter Anderson
Janelle Siefert
Je’anne Wegner
Jordan Sene
Madelynne Greathouse
Noah Taetle
Sierra Ross
Wenjuan Lieu
Zane Encinas

School of Sustainability Internship Program
Alexandra Hill
Casey Rapacki
Donald Potter
Gillian Lauter
Morgan Graves
Niveditha Srirangapatna

Barrett Honors Presentations
Joshua Lesio
Myra Khan
Sydney Millerwise
Tyle Kathman

School for the Future of Innovation in Society Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF)
Alex Garza Navarro
Alexandra Justesen
Chloe Holt
CJ White
Elizabeth Keyes
Heather Weiler
Izaac Mansfield
Kayla Burgher
Kelly Smith
Luke Boyle
Margarito Hernandez Fuentes
Marissa Armstrong
Nathalie Vu
Penny Gillette
Reed Steiner
Tanjim Alam Arefin
Tyler Gaston
Sakshi Hegde
Wen Wendt
Wid Alsabah
Zane Encinas
Zuzana Skvarkova

Additional Student Presentations
Agota Jonas, School of Complex Adaptive Systems, MS in Biomimicry
Andrea Cordova Cruzatty, School of Sustainability, PhD in Sustainable Energy
Hailey Campbell, School of Sustainability, Master of Sustainability Solutions
Jonathan Roll, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Master of Science and Technology Policy
Katie Lane, School of Sustainability, Master of Sustainability Leadership
Maya Shrikant, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, BS in Innovation in Society